Sunday, January 09, 2005

Another Year Shot To Hell

"The Tubes of Ed Hall"

What day is today? Its Nibbler's birthday. What a day for a birthday, lets all have some cake.

I can't get iTunes to look at my music collection on my new hard drive, it keeps looking into the music folder of my master drive no matter what I do. iPhoto is also giving me grief, it is seriously slow, although I wouldn't move to fast if you asked me to organize and display 3,500 digital photos.

I'm seeking an answer to the oldest question since the dawn of the universe: When, if even, do you use an apostrophe with the word "it", and what does it mean? its, it's, it possesses, it is, what is the difference?

There's nothing to take pictures of today (except me). I want to go to Pennsylvania, or better yet, California, or better still, New Zealand or Japan. If you feel like buying me some plane tickets, drop me a line.

{now playing: James Booker - Gonzo}


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