Monday, January 03, 2005

A Cloudy Day Constitutional

It is so mild today and it is nicely overcast, so I decided to take a walk. I like taking pictures on cloudy days (it diffuses the light, for those of you who don't know, meaning that the light is very evenly cast). Being constricted to suburbia, I mainly took pictures of side walks, tree bark, fire hydrants, and these neat little tin numbers and plaques nailed to utility poles. The walk took slightly over an hour and covered what was probably just under two miles. I took 97 photos in all and I like the way most of them came out. Here are some.

"Utility Plaque No.1"

"January Sidewalk No.2"

"Constitutional Self Portrait"

"Fire Hydrant No.2"

Some of the utility poles have their information branded (burned) onto to them. I decided not to post the photo of one of these because it is not as interesting as the tin numbers and plaques.

"January Sidewalk No.4"

"Utility Plaque No.2"

"Stop Sign No.1"

"Utility Plaque No.3"

This plaque bears the initials of one of my honor societies.

"Fire Hydrant No.4"

"Footprint Captured In Cement"

"Stop Sign No.2"

"Utility Plaque No.4"

"Utility Plaque No.5"

"Fire Hydrant No.5"

"Storage Basin 292 Sign"

"Utility Plaque No.6"

"Utility Plaque No.9"

"Paw Prints Captured In Cement"

"Split Rail Fence No.2"

I'm not sure if that is the kind of fence it is.

"Garbage Radiator"

Well, that group is the edited down batch. I didn't put up many of the sidewalks. The walk was definitely good for my old knees.

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Blogger Charlie O said...

Great finds! These are really great shots... sometimes the mundane can become magical. :) charlie -

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