Wednesday, January 05, 2005

Victory Golden Monkey Ale!

I have just returned from Croxley's Ale House in Franklin Square, with over 50 beers on tap! They "proudly announce" that they don't carry Bud, Coors, or Miller, but the Stella Artois that I tried is their Belgian equivalent. Luckily, the next beer I tried was Victory Golden Monkey Ale, which I must recommend due to it's fruity flavor and 9.5% alcohol volume (with an emphasis on the later). Needless to say, I'm operating on a slight delay, and it is not even 7:30! I'm not sure how many wings I had, but they are 10¢ each at Croxley's on some nights. We ordered 30 BBQ and 20 mild. The mild were a little too mild and required that you rub them around in the sauce at the bottom of the plate to get any hotness. If the HTML that I wrote for this post works after having consumed Victory Golden Monkey Ale, I will be impressed with myself...


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