Friday, January 07, 2005

Party Tonight

One of my brother's won't be there, nor will his friend who is usually a bartender, but I will be at the cornerstone for my birthday (which is actually Sunday). I did get in to the lab today and slapped the graduation project onto my demo reel. I have not posted it though, because the "small" version is over 100 megs. I did take some photos on the way to, from, and at the lab. Here are some of those:

"Underwood No.6"

"Ed Hallway in January"

"Empty Architecture Lab"

This is one of the architecture labs that we stole many stools (as in the chair without a back) from over the course of last semester. Don't tell the architecture students!

"The Cornstone"

In case you don't know, this is what the Cornerstone looks like.

Browsing through Yummy Wakame's blog and I found a post referring to Thomas Beach, a musician. He has some very interesting music on his site. The Site itself is also very neat. He was mentioned on the Wakame blog because he composed some music for Jump London, a documentary on a sport I had never heard of called Parkour, or Free Running. It looks really amazing. Its funny that they say that anyone can do it. Yeah right, I'm sure my bad knees and thin spinal disks would be very thankful if I tried even a single move. If you want to get some idea of what it is all about go to You should definitely check out the videos, although only a few of them are quicktimes :( I originally checked Netflix to see if they had Jump London, which they did not, but then I found that it will be airing on TLC on Sunday at 5:00 PM, I just hope I don't miss it due to it being my birthday.


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