Tuesday, December 21, 2004

James Booker Rides Again!

Just for laughs I checked amazon to see if they had James Booker: More Than All The 45s and it was actually in stock! It had not been available for a long time. Now I can hear the New Orleans Piano Wizard play Gonzo without paying $40 for a used Duke and Peacock CD or buying a vinyl single on ebay. You have no idea how happy this makes me.

I found my ABS to be of great use with the recent snowfall, although the car can slide a bit after the wheels have fully stopped. The empty parking lots at school are fun but I don't go to fast as to risk damage to myself or the vehicle, plus I don't want to rouse security. On the roads I find that it is best to go slow enough that I never actually have to use the brakes. As long as I can apply slight power, the all-wheel drive gives excellent grip.

I had to go to NYIT today for a meeting and then went back later for class. I saw a VW beetle (the old kind) and I wanted to post a picture of it but the picture didn't come out great (as I was driving at the time).

"Snowy Wooded Area"

This is the area that NYIT groundspeople cleared of leaves. Maybe they did it so the snow would have a place to go.

"Fallen Tree"

"Asphalt of the Second Parking Lot"

"My Car in the Second Parking Lot"

A cold and slippery walk.

"The Pond Near the NYCOM buildings"

I brought my camera the in the first part of the day to take pictures of the snow covered pond.

"Ed Hall Roof With Snow"

If I were a bit more patient, I would select just the sky in this photo and adjust the levels. The color in the sky that you can't see in this version is magnificent.

"Rasterbation of Van Den Puup"

This is Van Den Puup from the guerilla-advertising website www.elitedesigners.org whom Lawrence and I (and others) believe bears a resemblance to a certain animation professor. I put it up on the wall before class tonight.


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