Saturday, December 18, 2004

Optimum Prime

"Connection Chaos"

"Connection Order"

Thanks mostly to Dave (and NOT the people that write instructions for Optimum Online) the cable modem is up and running. It is a alot faster than DSL, as witnessed by fast uploads of the above photos. I understand that cable speed may depend on how many users are accessing the internet through what ever pool I'm in. In the first picture you see the DSL and cable modems, my new router and my old router. The second photo is how Dave neatly organized everything. The DSL is still hooked up because I want to make sure the cable is doing what it is supposed to before I cancel the DSL. Plus, I still don't have my account info and email address thanks to the tricky setup for the cable.

I also installed more RAM in my Grandfather's iMac, so hopefully I can install OS X on it soon.

And now I have to write my American History paper, which is causing me a high degree of anguish....


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