Wednesday, December 15, 2004

Parting Shots

Here are some of the photos I took yesterday before I had to give the D70 back.

"Ed Hallway Lights"

I always liked these lights in the upstairs hallways of Education Hall.

"Cement Dots"

This one sort of fits in with my sidewalk and cement collection.

"Ed Hall Roof No.1"

I've been seeing a lot of Charles Sheeler's work lately.

"The Wood Cleaners"

Here is another photo from my earth-shattering exposé on the removal of leaves from NYIT's wooded areas.

As I mentioned before, my outdoor photos from the D70 were all off-color because of a white balance setting. I was able to correct this in Photoshop by cranking the yellow-blue slider (in color balance) all the way (or almost all the way) to the yellow side. For the Ed Hall Roof photos I also took out a little magenta.

And now I absolutely and without further delay must read Art History... ...but now the doorbell rang. FedEx finally delivered my Contour Showcase for my iPod. It was poorly packed but luckily its okay, probably because its designed to be okay. I wish they made one just for the thinner 20 gig iPod. Instead the case can accommodate the 40 gig models and comes with a spacer for my 20 gig, but that's extra thickness that I don't need.


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