Sunday, December 12, 2004

What, me study?

I should really be studying for my Art History final on Friday and finishing some other work. Instead I woke up at noon and did nothing all day. I did watch Jackie Brown, trying to catch up on my Netflix subscription. It was a good movie but it was really long, and the ending seemed a little punch-out to me.

I could really use some kind of comprehensive guide to alcoholic beverages and the substances they are comprised of. Just a random thought.

I really like the HP ads from the "Frames" campaign. Unfortunately they don't have them in Quicktime format on their web page. I emailed HP and was surprised to get an email from a person telling my which ad agency produced them (I asked for the production company). The ad agency is Goodby, Silverstein & Partners, but they don't have them on their website. After poking around some more I found out the the production company that produced them was Tool and that they were directed by François Vogel. Tool has some on their site. I read in an article that creative director Chris Jones at Zoic worked on the visual effects using Discreet Flame and Combustion. I found this article descibing how parts of the spots were made.

I burned the gigabyte of photos I took last night on to discs (2 CD-Rs) to give them to the folks I took them for [how is that for mangling the English language?]. I didn't get much time on the D70 today (none, in fact) because I woke up late. Its a shame too because it was actually sunny outside. I'll probably have to give the D70 back on Tuesday.


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