Monday, December 13, 2004

Ever feel like you wanted your head to implode¿

I was feeling fine all day until I went to my video editing class. Its a boring class and we don't do anything, plus it was 104° as usual in the room. I brought my camera was there hoping Patrick would come and we would just screw around, but Juan told me he wasn't comming. So me and Juan just put our project on to DV tapes and left early. I would have stayed and watched Elf with this group of girls that were working on another project, but it was so hot there and Professor Saslow was getting on my nerves. I went to Tower records when I left school. Usually their stuff is overpriced but I knew The Essential Byrds was cheaper there than elsewhere and I also picked up Foreigner's Complete Greatest Hits and Loud, Fast Ramones for $9.99 each, a very resonable price. I just don't feel right after going to class tonight.


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