Monday, December 13, 2004

Taking out nature's garbage

I still can not figure out why the grounds-people at NYIT insist on removing all of the leaves from the wooded areas. It is completely absurd. Why can't they just let the environment be? No one is walking through those areas. It does not make it look nice by removing the leaves, in fact, it looks worse. It seems unnatural that there are no leaves under the trees and that there are huge tire tracks in the mud. Knowing NYIT they probably sell the leaves to a compost company or something. Now witness the destruction of beauty:

"Where are the leaves?"

I have to give the Nikon D70 back tomorrow so I have been taking pictures with it today. Here are a couple from the DeSeversky center.

"Acanthus Planter Base"

"Curly Lamp"

Today is the last full day of classes, and what a full day it is (class 9am to 8pm with breaks between). I still have some makeup classes and then finals.


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