Monday, December 13, 2004


I read this snippet in Popular Science about a website that will turn any photo into a big poster that you can print out on regular paper and put together. It is really neat. It gives you a PDF file with the individual pages that make up the poster. It is called Rasterbator. I made one of me drinking at a Halloween party but I don't think I'm going to print it out because it would take something like 46 pages. If you really want to see the photo I used, click here.

I finally broke down and ordered optimum online. Earthlink was too unreliable for too long and the tech support was too bad ("did you try turning the modem off and on again, well, that's all I know how to do"). I'll have to send out emails and change all my accounts over when I get my new email address. Until then my Earthlink address will still be working for a while and my hotmail address will also be working if you know it.


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