Thursday, December 16, 2004

Complaint Dept., Take A Number

"Cadillac Door and Sail Panel"

I took this photo with the D70. I miss that camera.

I figured out the optimum online does not provide FTP space (someone email me if I am wrong). Is that not a basic internet service offered by many ISPs??? I'll still have my NYIT FTP space for as long as I'm a student or working there (hopefully). I guess having a reliable connection and no FTP space is better than an unreliable ISP with FTP.

I got back from the back doctor (haha) and he told me I have the spine of someone twice my age (my disks are thin). He said my former (still current, actually) knee problems are contributing to greater stress on my back muscles. The combination of my 44 year old spine and strained muscles is what is causing my severe back pain episodes. He gave me a bunch of exercises to do, which I should probably be doing right now along with my knee exercises that I haven't done in months. Instead I'm resizing photos and writing for this blog.

I should also be studying for Art History (don't worry, after Friday I will never say that again).

I will be changing from my Earthlink email address shortly after the optimum arrives and is made to work. I can still be contacted via hotmail although your message may be lost in the 2 billion + junk emails I get there every day. I entered my info for my NYIT address into mail, so if you send a message to or I will probably get it. There are no guarantees that I can reply because I don't know the SMTP server address for the account or what kind of authentication it needs (but I can send mail from that address using Earthlink's SMTP server! Hahahahaha....). If all else fails, leave a message on this blog and I will get it. Probably.....


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