Monday, December 20, 2004

A Hazy Shade of Mud

I had just been thinking, is it ever going to snow this winter. It snowed last night and now it is freezing. I am still wearing ankle socks, but I'll give them up when I wear boots later. On the Yahoo weather page for New Hyde Park it says it is 17° and "Feels like: 0°".

Of course, now that the weather is bad people are driving more like animals than they already were. On my way to a final this afternoon some jerk in a Mazda 6 cut me off, spraying muddy slush all over my windshield. My wipers only made it worse because there is snow and ice frozen to them. It looked something like this:

"A Lovely Shade of Mud"

I took that photo after I parked at Tech, so don't be alarmed by the trees. I had my camera with me to take pictures of the snow encrusted areas. It was so cold that I could only stay out a short time. I felt like my toes were going to fall off. Here are some of the photos I took before my Mass Communications In Society final:

"Acanthus Planter With Snow"


"Trees Along Road at DeSeversky"

"Small Planter No 1"

"Small Planter No 4"

The final itself was not so great. It was all multiple choice and true/false. Half the stuff on it was not covered in class or on the study sheets. It was a lot like the professor herself and the way she taught; unorganized and vague. I took more photos after the final. Then I tried to go sell back some of my books but the parking lot near the book store was not well cleared

"DeSeversky Wall"

"Cleared Path"

Here is one of my windshield after I got home and the sun hit it:

"Sunlit Windshield"

"Snowy Subie Grill"

"Next Time I'm Wearing Boots"

"Three Pens for Three Finished Classes"

I have two more classes to go. My last video editing class is tonight and my American History final is on Wednesday. I also have to more classes of teaching assisting to do.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

It looks more like your winshield had a run in with some sort large avian type animal that had gastrointestinal problems than a mud spattering mazda


12:27 PM  

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