Friday, December 24, 2004

Calling the cops

"The Verizon 911 Mystery Box"

Our phone lines were damaged in the storm yesterday so the company came to fix them this morning. My mom had to leave but said they were still working outside. Later, the doorbell rang. It took me a moment to get downstairs and when I opened the door there was nobody there but there was a police car parked with no police in it. I stood there a while but nobody came to the door. As I closed it, the back door bell rang. There were two police on the driveway. They said there was a box by the side of our house and that 911 had been dialed from our number, but all they got was static. They said burglars sometimes use boxes hooked up the way that one was to disable alarm systems. One officer called 911 from my house and told them it was phone company equipment. He said to call them if they didn't come back for it but I saw a guy on a ladder on the block over, so they probably had not finished.

"RMP 303 Driving Away"

That photo of the police car was taken through a screen in a window, which accounts for the strange pattern. I wanted a photo of the car in front of my house but I didn't have time to get it.


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