Monday, May 01, 2006

When a plan comes together

I may have exaggerated a little in an earlier entry about spending all of my beer money on socks, seeing as how I went to Croxley's for dinner. I had maibock stuck in my head since early this morning, since it is the first day of May and mai in German means May. I don't think I have actually ever had a maibock. As luck would have it, there was a poster up in Croxley's advertising HOFBRAU's maibock, which is not a usual resident on the Croxley's menu. It was pleasantly surprising. It started off tasting like something I might drink in October or November, but unlike those beers, it was pleasant and palatable to the very end without any encroaching bitterness at all. This was a lovely sweet amber beer that I would drink all year round without hesitation. It is truly one of the darling buds of May, it is a bock worthy of celebration.

As a side note, I had a HOFBRAU pilsner after my maibock was gone. This was perhaps the least offensive and flavorless beer I have ever had. The Croxley's menu described it as having a dry finish, and that it did. If you have ever wondered how a beer can be dry, you should try a HOFBRAU pilsner. Its so dry, it keeps you drinking.


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