Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Lost in space

Where is Scott, you ask?

Unfortunately I have a full time job now, which seriously cuts into my screwing around and doing nothing time. I don't blog at work because I have no privacy (no cubicles, everyone works in the same room). I haven't been blogging after work because I'm mostly staring at a computer screen all day so when I'm not there I usually focus on not computerized pastimes. I think I might just have to eliminate this whole job thing from the equation.

Here is the last day of our Disney trip, loyal readers:

The plans for our last day consisted of doing non-World-Showcase things at EPCOT and going to dinner with Ellen's parents, who came down that day. We mainly wanted to go on the relatively new Soarin' ride. We got fastpasses for Test Track first. At some point we went on the Journey into the Imagination ride. The ride ends in the Kodak "What If" Labs (I think thats what it is), where we took this smashing photo:

Disney 2006!

We kept on popping over to Soarin' to see how long the standby line was. I forget why we didn't get fast passes. Either they were out for the day or the times were too late. Anyway, the standby lines were incredibly long (well, somewhat credibly long, perhaps). We went on Living With The Land. While we were waiting on the short standby line for this ride, we noticed the guy in front of us was wearing new pants. The size sticker was still on the leg. I put my camera on macro and nonchalantly took two photos. The first one was poorly aimed and the second was blurry. I didn't want to take a third as the flash would have called too much attention to me.

New Pants

I had never been on this ride. I was a fun trip trough some experimental fruit, vegetable and fish gardens. I think we went on Test Track after that, which was fun.

Test Track

We then waited on line for Soarin'. I think we waited for more than an hour, but it was cool. I really felt like I was flying. There are even smells, like when we passed over an orange orchard. I would do it again if the line were not too long.

We left EPCOT and went to the Animal Kingdom Lodge. This resort was very impressive. I took some photos but they did not come out very well. We ate at Jiko, one of the resturaunts in the resort. I had some kind of chicken. It was pretty good. I can't remember that much about it. I also had some kind of South African beer. And so our vacation was more or less over. Our flight back to NY was the next morning.

Mickey Napkin


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