Monday, April 03, 2006

Disney 2006, Day 1

We arrived in Orlando on an earlyish flight and went to pick up our rental car. We were supposed to get a Chevy Aveo, the least expensive GM car there is (manufactured in Korea). We had signed up for a subcompact, and we were told to go into the lot and pick our car. There was no subcompact section and we couldn't find an Aveo. We went back to the booth and they told us to take any car in the compact section. At first we were going to take a Chevy HHR, but it had no sun roof so we took a Pontiac Vibe. We ended up with a car that probably could have carried an Aveo in the trunk! We also signed up for the ripoff buy-a-full-tank-of-gas-now thingy instead of having to find a gas station before returning the car. More on this later.

We drove from the airport to Disney's Coronado Springs (without getting lost!) and we were very excited.

We're in Disney World!
Disney 2006 - Scott

We checked in and immediately went to the pool, where we got food (the first of many hotdogs on the trip). I got a refillable Three Caballeros mug. We went in the pool for a while and I went down the water slide. I was the only person over 12 going down the water slide.

Then we headed off to Disney MGM Studios, the smallest of the Disney theme parks. There, we went to the Indiana Jones Epic Stunt Spectacular, Star Tours, Jim Henson's MuppetVision 3D and lastly to Fantasmic!, a cool nightly show there. During part of the show, huge sheet of water shoot up and have animation projected on them. It was awesome.

After that, we decided to eat dinner at Disney's Boardwalk resort, accross from MGM. The place that we wanted to go to (Spoodles) was packed (1 hour wait without reservations. After that night we made dinner reservations). Instead of Spoodles we walked down the boardwalk to Big River Grille and Brewing Works. They didn't have wheat beer, because they brew it seasonally, but the wait was very short (about 5 minutes). The table was like a bar table, keeping with the brewery theme. The chairs were also tall and narrow, as was Ellen's Pilsner glass. Someone did some shifting around to get closer to the rickety table, Ellen's beer (which was full) fell over and on to her and her backpack, so she smelled like beer for the rest of the night. There's no use crying over spilled beer. She had a blackened mahi mahi sandwhich, which was very good. I had salmon, which was a little too fishy for me. I like flakey fish that tastes like almost nothing except for the lemon I squeeze onto it. We didn't get charged for the beer, but I think it was because we got them at the bar before we were seated and they were never put on the bill (check :-) rather than out of sympathy for spilled beer. After that, we went back to Coronado springs to sleep.



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