Sunday, March 19, 2006

The Furniture Thieves

I had a dream last night that I had to go with my brothers to pick up a new couch, or that's what they told me. My brother Jeremy was driving a black Mercedes sedan, and I remarked that I didn't think a couch would fit in it. We went into a building wearing lab coats and got in an elevator. There were only three floors in the building, but the elevator was huge. it was probably sixty feet by thirty feet. It had couches, end tables and a bar with a bar tender (not the first dream I have had with a bar in an elevator). I thought it was weird that a building with only three floors would have such an elaborate elevator. We got out on the third floor wearing tuxedos and walked over to a dinning area. Pretending to be caterers, we started taking tables apart. We brought the table parts to a secret compartment in a closest where we loaded them into suitcases to smuggle them out of the building. We took turns distracting the building staff while we worked. The plan was to sell the stolen furniture parts. Eventually we walked down a wide marble stairway (down all three floors) and exited the building into a large public space with lots of fountains. After that I had a false awakening and started telling someone about my dream, and then I actually woke up.


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