Monday, April 10, 2006

Disney ~ day 3

The Disney Architecture group that I started on flickr has attracted none other than the likes of Mr. Thomas Hawk. I just thought that was cool.

My memory of what we did and when we did it on our recent Disney World trip is starting to fade, so here is day three:

I forget exactly what we did that morning (did we go to the pool? Eat breakfast?). Maybe that was they day I slept until 10 when I got a cell phone call to come down to the pool. I can't remember. Maybe its because finished the Franziskaner the night before.

I do, however, know that we went to the Magic Kingdom. We took the monorail (you take either the monorail or the ferry from the lot to the park). I also remember it being hotter on that day than on other days.

We walked down mainstreet in the park, towards the castle. We wanted to get a photo of us in front of the castle. We carefully avoided the Disney camera people, who are stationed around key photo vantage points so that they can take your photo and then charge you for it. We found a fairy nice place and began to figure out which stranger we would ask to take our photo. We found a couple and one of them took this picture:

Magic Kingdom

If you want to see it bigger, just click it. After our photo op, we went off to the Adventureland part of the park. We got fastpasses for the Jungle Cruise, which I had not been on since I was six. Then we looked around for things to do until the passes were valid. We heard some people talking about Pirates of the Caribbean. Being who we are, we already knew this ride was closed until the summer. They unfortunately are rennovating the ride to go along with the the movies of the same name, the second of which comes out right around when the ride reopens. This is a most unfortunate turn of events. Hopefully, they won't ruin the ride. At the very least, we all hope they retain the dirty foot, which I do not have a photo of. If anyone has a photo of the dirty foot from the ride, let me know. We need to start a 'save the dirty foot' campaign. Anyway, we checked the ride out, just in case it was open. This photo pretty much tells the story of what we found:

Pirates of the Caribbean is closed!!!! :-(

So, we hopped in to The Enchanted Tiki Room (Under New Management), which was antother classic attraction that was changed when new movies came out. It was okay. I really don't remember the old one much, as I was six years old. We also went on the Swiss Family Robinson Treehouse, which is a walk through treehouse. I was tired and there were a lot of stairs, but it reminded me of the movie, so that was fun. We then went on the Jungle Cruise! We had a very entertaining guide/boat driver guy. He seemed a little disgruntled, but that might have just been part of his act. I believe his name was Sean, but it might not have been spelled that way. He was fun. After the Jungle Cruise, there was nothing else in Adventureland that we wanted to do, so we went to Frontierland. We narrowly avoided getting stuck behind an oncomming parade consisting of a highschool marching band, but we dashed just as the parade barrier was being put up.

We got fastpasses for Splash Moutain, but then we didn't go on it. We did go on Thunder Mountain, which had a long line (we did not get fastpasses). It was actually my first real roller coaster. It wasn't bad, except for the few times that I was sure that I was going to fall out. After that, we went to Tom Sawyer Island, which was kind of dissappointing. It might have been more fun if I were younger and my legs didn't feel like they were going to snap off before I even set foot on the island. There were a lot of cute ducks around, but you don't need to go to Disney World to see those guys.

We got back to the "main land" and were really getting tired. We decided to get some food, and by food I mean hot dogs. I managed to eat my hot dog (mustard with a hot dog somewhere under it) without getting a drop of mustard on myself. They were very refreshing and boosted our energy. We went to Liberty Square next. We went to the Hall of Presidents, mainly because it was air conditioned and we could sit down. I think the show needs some serious historical revisement. Anyway, we went to The Haunted Mansion after that. The Haunted Mansion is always fun, but it wasn't as much fun as last year, when we went in the evening and the cast members are extra spooky.

After Liberty Square, we went to Fantasyland, where I snapped this photo of a rooster:


We went on Its A Small World. The line for Peter Pan was too long, so we went on Snow White's Scary Adventures. Then we went to Mickey's PhilharMagic. This was a great 3D show, and it included a lot of classic Disney scenes redone in 3D. I liked it a lot. After the show, Ellen bought me shorts that say "crabby but loveable", with a picture of Donald Duck. Then we went on the Mad Tea Party, which was a blast. Of course, we could barely walk after it was over.

From there, we went to Tomorrowland. I don't remember what we did first. We went on Buzz Lightyear's Space Ranger Spin, which had a long and delayed line, but was fun. We also went on the Tomorrowland Transit Authority (aka the people mover). By that time it was an hour away from our dinner reservation at Tony's Town Square, so we headed off in that direction. The huge nightly parade/show had begun, so it was tough going from Tomorrowland to Tony's at the front of the park. We were packed in like sardines and we could barely get through the crowd. An agitated cast member kept things moving by yelling at people to keep walking. We made it trough and we were on the correct side for Tony's (which we more or less planned). We were seated soon after arrival. Ellen told me the menu was not as extensive as it once was. I eye balled the spagetti, but then I figured that I was on vacation. I could eat spegetti any time and at a tiny fraction of the price. I decided to get steak. I thought there were two steak choices on menu, but I didn't read the descriptions or even the title of what I was ordering for that matter. My steak came, and it looked kind of strange. I figured there was just some kind of fat on the outside, so I cut into it. It turned out to be a light color on the inside. I was embarassed because I had no idea what I had ordered. Ellen thought it was some cut of pork. Eventually, I asked the waiter what I had ordered ( :-) ) and he told me it was a veal t-bone. I guess I saw the word t-bone on the menu and, too tired to read on, ordered it. I had never eaten veal before. Anyhow, Tony's wasn't that great, it was just okay (especially compared to the Biergarten!!!). Luckily, we were near the front of the park by the time dinner was over, so we got out pretty quickly despite the crowds.

I think we stopped briefly in Downtown Disney (or the marketplace) on the way back, where I got Ellen a Mickey pillow/ball/stuffed thing. It was cute.

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