Monday, May 01, 2006

I just spent all of my beer money on socks

And not too many socks, mind you. If I ever meet the guy who invented businesswear, I'm going to knock out however many remaining teeth he has (although, this has been my position since well before my recent sock purchase). I don't even care that the socks were that expensive, its that you have to dress a certain way just because its what people wear. Pieces of flair, anyone? I might just wear my white socks with shoes out of protest, Michael Jackson be damned. He kind of ruined that whole look that I tend more to associate with the mods of Quadrophenia (some of them had to be wearing white socks, am I right?).

That aside, I was told I would be taken on as a full time employee on June 1 instead of freelancing. Severely reduced pay for all!


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