Thursday, April 20, 2006

My Morning Foodbox

When I used to work at Katharine Gibbs, I played my ipod on the half hour or so ride along the highway. My new job is much closer, and I can be there in as little as ten minutes. For these new trips, I usually do not take my ipod. I'm not sure why. It seems like I would be spending more time turning it on and adjusting it than I would driving. Anyway, I usually listen to WQXR on the way to work and WAXQ (Q 104.3) on the way home.

Almost every day at 8:30 on WQXR I hear Frank Bruni of the New York Times give his Manhattan restaurant review. It is not always an evaluation of some high class and expensive restaurant that one might expect to find on the New York Times Classical station. I have heard him talk about hot dogs during at least one review. He also reviews food books now and then.

Listening to Mr. Bruni's reviews has become my morning ritual. Sometimes he reviews a place that I have no interest in visiting or hearing about. Today was the first time that he reviewed a place that I want to check out for sure. The name of the place is Café d’Alsace. I mainly want to go there to try out some of the exotic beers they have, but Mr. Bruni makes the food sound interesting as well.

Check out:
Diner's Journal by Frank Bruni

and also:
The Pour by Eric Asimov

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