Wednesday, January 12, 2005


I finished a roll of 110 today but I have not had it processed yet. So I dug up my most recent 110 photos. I wanted to find the ones I have of some California Sea Lions at the Central Park Zoo, but I was too lazy to dig very deep into my drawer of photos. The first photo here is from my 110 pinhole camera. They did not print all of the negatives and they put a Fuji Film picture taking guide in because they came out so... lets say unconventional. The rest of the photos are from my 110 Micro Cam that were taken in August of 2003. One guy actually stopped on the street and asked me about the camera while I was in front of Maxilla and Mandible.

"110 Pinhole Photo No.3"

"NYC Apartment Building No.1"

"NYC Building, August of 2003"

"Bert And Ernie Rescue"

"Columbus Circle"

"FDNY Ladder 25"

"My Parents in front of Maxilla and Mandible"

"NYC Apartment Building No.2"

I found an unused roll of 110 sealed in its package. I'm not sure if it will be any good because it is Kodak ISO 200, which I do not think has been manufactured for some time. I will shoot it, of course. It just has to be sunny enough because I plan on using the Micro Cam, which has no flash. I can't wait to see if the 200 ISO will work....


Anonymous Anonymous said...

miles - (mute)

I like these kind of shots, especially when they're collected like this in a set, there's a great human quality to it.

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