Monday, January 10, 2005

"110 Work In Progress"

In keeping with my New Years Resolution, I am shooting film again, albeit 110, without a pressure plate and whatnot, but I suppose it is a look unto itself. Incidentally, the photo above is digital. It is a shot of my mini 110 camera that is not much more than a lens, winding knob, and crude aiming sights that strap onto the film cartridge. I don't use this aiming device. As a matter of fact, I actually stare at the back of the camera while tripping the shutter, I have been conditioned by the digital age. I still have 4 exposures left but it is too dark to shoot today. Plus, wherever I bring it to be processed will probably have to send it out, so it may be a while before there are any 110 photos in this site (unless I dig up some old ones). I'm thinking of getting a Holga. I will have to use mail order processing for 120. So far the A & I prepaid processing mailers from B&H seem like the most attractive option. It is $12.95 per roll for processing, printing, and return shipping. Pricey when you consider that you get 12 exposures in 6 x 6 format, but again, that's the digital side of me. I'd still like to get into a darkroom, especially with medium format. If only....


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