Sunday, March 10, 2013

Finding all of your flickr photos you took with a particular camera

If you are like me, you have used more than one digital camera since switching from film. If you are even more like me you are using more than one at a time. I have a DSLR but also use a point and shoot when I don't want to haul the big rig around. I also use flickr to organize my thousands of photos (actually they are organized on a big external hard drive, but I use flickr as a cloud based index). I've been looking for a way to search my own photos by camera for a while now. I found this, which I had to access through
As I look to organise and tag my Flickr images more orderly i’ve been looking for a way to search for photos I shot using different cameras. Using advanced search doesnt give a camera option but I found a way. Via this post I found that you can search for images from certain cameras so I yanked the search term from the URL and applied it to a search URL that included my user id. It worked so I need to write this down for reference. Examples: Searching for all photos of orchids taken with an N82 yields this search URL. You can see the section “&cm=nokia%2Fn82″ take note of that. Now a search for orchids from my photos. Note: The 12345678 is not my user ID. I’ve changed it. You’ll see yours when you do your own search. Now you have your user id, put it together with the camera field in a new URL so: Trala! You’ll find all images taken with an N82. Obviously you’ll need to replace the camera ID. All camera IDs are listed here. Have fun.


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