Thursday, August 30, 2012

Where do you buy Tahini?

In the peanut butter aisle. I got my first jar at Fairway. I really had no idea what I was looking for. I knew it was sometimes called a paste and elsewhere a sauce. I wound up in the sauce aisle and scoured the shelves.

I was intently perusing the teriyaki sauce because a small part of my brain thought "hey, wouldn't it be great for OCD people if the supermarket was alphabetical?" I suppose some OCD people would a supermarket arranged by the order of colors on the spectrum of light (with ultraviolet colored food on one end and infrared colored food on the other end). And still other OCD people would need a supermarket arranged in size order. I don't know anything about OCD so if I've offended anyone, sorry. I digress.

Tahini. I asked a store employee who did look like he had heard of it and lead me back to teriyaki town. Then I more or less gave up and began to wander aimlessly until I saw the peanut butter selection out of the corner of my eye. And there it was right next to the cashew butter/sauce. Why do they call it peanut butter anyway? Butter ain't got much to do with it.

Being Fairway everything they had was organic and expensive, which kind of neutralizes the cost savings of using it to make your own hummus. Hopefully I won't have to use too much in each batch. When Skippy starts making tahini maybe we'll be in business.

All of the tahini(s) had oil on top. I went for the least expensive, Brad's Organic from Canada. The only ingredient was organic sesame seeds. Canada is not typically what I think of when I think of sesame seed-growing countries. I didn't check out the nutritional info until I was in the car, this stuff is pretty choloric and fatty. I'm hoping just a little bit will go a long way in the 'ole hummus.

By the way if your making your own hummus with canned chickpeas, the small Goya can at Waldbaums is more cost effective than the large can in terms of price/weight. Its printed right there on the sticker under the cans so I'm not sure why anyone would buy the big can.



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