Monday, July 23, 2007

The Perils of Supermarket Sushi

I always had a feeling that buying those pre-packaged sushi things in the various supermarkets was like playing russian roulette. Well, on friday I came down with some pretty severe food poisoning from a Salmon Combo Roll I purchased from the Stop & Shop in Port Washington. I had gotten into the habit of getting Stop & Shop sushi for lunch since its fast and right next to my place of work. To get sushi at a sushi restaurant on Main Street in Port Washington can take over an hour. But I sure did pay for the convenience. This is the second weekend in a row (and the second weekend I have had free all summer) that I have been sick. I will spare you the disgusting details and just say that I lost well over 5 pounds in bodily fluids and only narrowly avoided having to go to the emergency room. Thanks Stop & Shop!

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