Monday, July 09, 2007

Praise Be To Macintosh

This is why I really dig Macs the most. I screwed up some network permissions on my old G4, and when I went to turn it on, bad things were happening. I mean shit like I ain't never seen before in all my years of Mac ownership or my brief tenure at the Apple store. So why do I like Macs? Because when the user (me) presses buttons randomly and changes settings that they (I) have no idea what they do, messing their computer up so bad that they think they might as well bury it in the backyard and start anew (which so often happens with Windows), the savy Mac user can fix it. And I did. And you have no idea how relieving it is to be able to untinker what you tinkered wrong.

And now its time to back up the 150 gigs in my old G4 in case it ever really hits the fan.

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