Sunday, July 15, 2007

Food Box: Go or No Go

Eatery Review: Elijah Churchill's

Gone are the halcyon days of the summer of 2005. Elijah Churchill's had been one of our favorite restaurants. Their lobster roll's were an event, their french fries unique, and a favorite beer was on tap. But Paulaner has been replaced by Blue Moon, and many other flavors of the moment (Blue Points and Brooklyns, for example). On this occasion, we started with crab cakes. They were overdone, heavy with salt, and had sun dried tomatoes. The caesar salad was over dressed, and therefore also heavy with salt. The sea bass was not offensive, but it was not tender and flakey as sea bass should be. The chipotle burger was also over done and salty. It seems as though salt has taken over as a theme. Former favorites of mine at Churchill's included the aforementioned lobster roll and the pot roast. But it has gone from Go to No Go.



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