Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Roman Holiday

I'm almost finished with finalizing the paperwork for graduation (with my non-terminal Master of Arts in Communication Arts). I don't really think of myself as a master of communications. I'm not really sure what non-terminal means. I think I means I can be a student forever, which is just dandy. I'm not to keen on most of academia though. Too much bureaucracy and not enough focus on what's important.

Perks of graduating:

1) I'll never (probably) have to hear about these guys again:

a) Marshall McLuhan
b) Joseph Campbell
c) Harold A. Innis

2) Probably other things as well.

I took a long walk around the campus today because I had time to kill and the weather was very mild. It was very sentimental. I walked around every part of campus (using my car to go to some of the more remote areas and then walking more). My hair got all jacked up from the wind.

Open survey (respond by comments, email, AIM, smoke signal, telegraph or interpretive dance): What should I do after I graduate?

In other news, Ellen and I were this close ---> <---- to booking a week in Rome for new years. I probably wouldn't have time to get a new passport by then, so that put a damper on things (along with mom looking at me like I'm crazy. Crazy like a fox). C'mon, I don't have a job, which you might think is a problem, but its not. Without a job I have free time to do things like impulsive international travel. I would even be willing to take it all out of my own money. How often will I have the time and money to go to Rome for a week? Plus, it seemed extremely affordable to me (between 1K and 2K per person for flights and hotel for a week). What's wrong with that?

{that dog won't hunt, monsignor}


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