Thursday, November 24, 2005

I Hope You Like Corn Bread

I was helping Ellen & Co. make thanksgiving dinner last night, reaching for the odd pot or pan, getting this or that ingedient. I usually and mostly feel in the way when I'm in that kitchen. Then Ellen decided I should make corn bread/muffins. Panic. Well, it was okay in the beginning. I just followed the instructions on the package. That is, until I got to the corn bread mix. The instructions said, add the mix, so I went ahead and started pouring the whole bag of mix into the bowl. As more and more of it poured into the bowl, I thought to myeslf, something looks wrong. Somehow, this seems like too much corn mix. And right I was. I measured everything else, but for some reason, the instructions compelled me to pour out the entire bag of mix without measuring. I hope you like corn bread :-) So, we roughly figured out that there was enough mix for two batches (well, people other than me figured that out), so we doubled up the milk and eggs and threw in a lot more melted butter, and made three trays of corn muffins. I ate the first one and I'm still alive, so I guess they're not lethal. In fact, they're nice and buttery.

Corn Muffins


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