Thursday, November 17, 2005

Food Box: Go or No Go?

Eatery Review: Boulder Creek Steakhouse

Ellen and I went to Boulder Creek Steakhouse, as we craved steak and were not properly dressed to go to one of those real fancy steak houses. We were served by "Hello My Name is Trainee" (it was literally his first day) but the service was pretty good. His supervisor did most of the serving but he seemed like a nice enough fellow. Someone at another table ordered some sizzling fajitia type of dish and the really loud fire alarm went off. Nobody seemed alarmed (what's that alarming sound?) and our trainee waiter responded to the alarm by just talking louder to us. Dinner and a show! Not only that, but I was sitting on a chair that could have used a few sugar packets under one of its legs: Dinner and a show and a ride! Weeeeeeeeeee. I started off with a Caeser Salad (it came with the meal). Then I had a 7 oz. Filet Mignon wrapped in bacon and melted bleu cheese with garlic mashed potatoes. Holy cholesterol, Batman! The bacon was kind of gross, so I removed it. The steak it self was so-so, about what you could expect from a chain restaurant. The mashed potatoes were pretty good. Ellen had pretty much the same to say about her stip-steak and sweet potato, so-so steak, good potato (po-ta-toes, precious taters). Overall, it was a compromise. It probably wasn't as expensive as a real steak place, nor was it as formal, and we didn't have to drive as far.



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