Sunday, November 13, 2005

Hello, Mildred Thompson

I had a very strange and entertaining dream last night that seemed to come from nowhere in terms of source material. It was very vivid and definetly in color (see green wool dress). To start off with, it seemed like the 1960s and my vision or the world of the dream had the look of film stock of that vintage, but that's not the strange part.

I was a Peter-Sellers type of character in an unnamed sea-side town in some unnamed country. The country had just gone to war and a large cruiser docked at the town with the intention of drafting townsfolk into its crew. Much fanfare accompanied the arrival of The Commodore, commander of the ship and a muckety-muck higher up of the naval staff.

To avoid being drafted into the crew, my character dresses up as a woman and pretends to be Mildred Thompson. Much to my surprise, I get drafted anyway and I am issued with a green wool dress and a tan wool shirt. I spend much time running around the the naval base that is being built up around the cruiser. I get in to all kinds of some-like-it-hot trouble and at one point I run head long into a foreign dignitary carrying a gong. In his country they walk on the other side of the road, and I was too busy running up stairs in my uniform to notice he was coming down on the wrong side. Hence my head colliding with the gong. There seems to be a lot of rules about not being allowed to run (kind of like in elementary school when we could get in trouble for running inside). I was outside in almost the entire dream, including the gong incident. The town was on a hillside with the sea and cruiser at the foot of the hill. There was also some kind of petty officer or NCO who yelled at me to stop running.

A lot of the hilly parts seemed like the areas and gardens in and around Fort Mason in San Francisco.

There was accordian or concertina music playing the whole time.

After I hit my head on the gong, I woke up and couldn't fall back asleep, even though I wanted to.


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