Sunday, January 07, 2007

John K's Animation School Revisited

The wikipedia article on John K no longer has the convenient list of links to his animation lessons, so here you go:

John K's Animation School Lessons
Lesson 1:Construction of the head
Lesson 2:Squash and Stretch on heads
Lesson 3:How to check your copies-Proportion
Lesson 4: Legged Characters
Lesson 5: Line Of Action, Silhouettes
Lesson 6:Construction of the head (Advanced)
Lesson 7:When Generic is a Good Thing
Lesson 8: Proportions affect design-Contrasts
Lesson 9: Hands-Simplifying complicated things
Color Theory
Color Theories for Cartoons- Garish versus Warm
Color Theory: Pee and Poo colors versus Colorful Greys
Color Theory- look at the sky before you paint a sunset
Color Theory- good color without a lot of money - Art Lozzi HB
Color Theory - does cost equal quality?
Color Theory - eye relief
Color Theory - steal from anime if you can't think of anything yourself
Color Theory - neutral or natural colors
Color Theory- Art Lozzi - Interview - Early Days At Hanna Barbera
Color and BG Painting Reference-Old Golden Books
Color Theory-Art Lozzi on Bob Gentle-Skeeter Trouble
Art Lozzi- scooter looter-paint technique-BG painting
Color Theory- Art Lozzi explains some technique
Color Theory- color isolated from detailed technique-Yogi Bear "High Fly Guy", 1958
COMPOSITION For Layout and BG artists - part 1 - Framing
Composition 2 - Intersection
COMPOSITION 3 For Layout and BG artists - Clear Staging
Composition 4 - Staging Groups Of Characters
Composition 5 - EXTREMELY IMPORTANT CONCEPT! Negative VS Positive space
Composition 6- Avoid The Middle, Asymmetry is more natural and interesting
Composition 7 - compose your poses together - also very important!
COMPOSITION 8 For Layout and BG artists - form over detail, lettering, study other artists

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Blogger Sherm said...

Hey, Scott...this is really helpful! I appreciate you posting this!

9:19 PM  
Blogger scott said...

No problem, he has done many more posts since, but I have not updated the list.

9:37 PM  
Blogger Joe said...

hey...i am a little new to blogger so idk how to send u a personal message...but i am a student looking to pursue a career in animation...and i was wondering if there were any college in the US that u would recommend for me..i am looking to get into things that might help me get maybe an intern with say disney, pixar, or cartoon network...ty :)

3:06 PM  

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