Thursday, December 21, 2006

This is a special message to the woman who hit my car at Roosvelt Field while I was in it yesturday:

You are the worst liar in the history of telling lies.

Contrary to your "I didn't hit you, I didn't hit you" theory, it was rather obvious to both of us that you did, in fact, hit my car. I submit the following evidence:

1) I felt you hit my car

2) There are new scratches on my bumper

3) The proximity of the two vehicles immediatley after the alleged incident

4) Your proactive "I didn't hit you" rant when I approached your vehicle

I don't even care about the scratches on my bumper, why the hell did you try to lie about something that was so obviously true. You are an asshole. I hope the next person that you "didn't" hit sees fit to punch you in the face (at the very least). I hope you Christmas tree catches fire and burns your house down. Happy Holidays!


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