Thursday, November 16, 2006

My weird dream

I had a dream last night that I was riding on a subway somewhere in Japan, but instead of subway cars, there were just benches like the kind you find in a pizzeria (known as a countour booth) that traveled sideways and had the route name stencil spray painted on them. The route names were combinations of one or two English letters (example: HP). The subway guide books had a different route on each page. The routes were square grids with the actual route represented by colored boxes, the color scheme of the route maps made them look like scrabble boards (the colors where those of the bonus squares). The guide books were the shape, size, and made from the same papers and inks with which comic books are printed. There were advertisements in the front and back of the book that were in English and were in a comic book style. I'm pretty sure Boba Fett was on the back cover (I love my dreams). My preferred method of sitting on the benches was to have my legs up on the bench, knees bent, and facing the direction in which the bench train would be traveling. I was hunched over, looking kind of like a bobsledder, only I was on a pizzeria bench. There was this Japanese guy we knew that seemed to be standing around every station who wink at us, tap us on the shoulder, or otherwise acknowledge us. All of this happened, and I noticed it, in less time than it has taken me to type it up / write it down.

The only thing that made it seem like Japan was the number of Japanese people standing around the station and some Japanese in the guide book. It could have been any place with a large Japanese population, like Japantown in San Francisco.


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