Monday, January 09, 2006

Birthday et-cetera

On saturday we went to Croxley's for my birthday. It was a little sedate compared to last year but we still had fun (and I remember everything that happened). There were a few of us still there after we ate and another large party came in. They asked us to move to a smaller table, so we did and they gave us a round on the house :-) They even punched my croxley's card for the free round.

Then yesturday, we had grandma over for birthday cake.

Today is my actual birthday. I went to one bank to make a deposit, then to Commerce bank with a zip-loc bag full of change. The Penny Arcade thing at Commerce is much better than Coin Star at the supermarket. It works the same way, but there is no fee (you don't even need a Commerce account) and there is a neat animated character that explains how to use the machine. They will even give you a prize if you can guess how much you have within $1.99 - I was off by about $20. Then I went to Staples to get ink cartriges so I can print out my request forms for transcripts. I needed a black cartrige and a yellow one, which I got but they charged me for 2 yellow ones, which was cheaper. Tonight I'm going to Ellen's house for birthday pizza!

But my birthday doesn't end there!! We're going to the Heidelberg in Manhattan next Saturday :-)


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