Friday, December 23, 2005

The End of The Beginning

I had my last animation class at NYIT yesterday. I have my last class at NYIT for my M.A. tonight. I have been there for five years. And so...

Thank You

To Paul, who has been my mentor and my friend. I hope one day he will be my coworker, employer, employee or collaborator. I'm not sure where I would be without him. I would not have an M.A. for sure. Thank you for everything.

To Ellen, for being my honey monkey kitten button.

To Lawrence, for being my friend and encouraging me.

To everyone whom I ever helped in the lab, and all of my current and former classmates. You taught me a lot.


To all of the students graduating this December. Lawrence, Jamell, Ann Marie F, and probably a few other people I am missing.

To Rhonda and David, and their baby to be.

To Bryan and his new wife.


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