Wednesday, December 14, 2005

A Pilgrimage

I finally got to go to the other Croxley's in Rockville Centre. Perhaps the most notable attraction of this Croxley's over my local one is the presence of Franziskaner on tap; well worth the extra milage just to meet with that great white beer. The wait-staff at Rockville center also seemed twice as nice despite appearing to be three times as overworked. I had the usual bangers and mash AND ¢10 wings. In addition to my Franziskaner, I had a Brooklyn Hefe-Weizen, which I must say has completely redeemed the Brooklyn Brewery in my eyes, after they had soured me with their lager, pilsner, or whatever it was I drank that time. The Brooklyn was a slightly less cloudy weiss bier, but good nonetheless and had strong fruity overtones. Not only all of that, but the Rockville Centre Croxley's is right across the street from Waterzooi, an establishment I have yet to visit but hold the highest hopes for. The are also many "common bars" in the same small area.


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