Tuesday, February 01, 2005

Armenia City In The Sky

Wow, what a day. I should have stayed at school all day but I kept driving back home like an idiot.

First up I went to my first meeting of The Campus Slate. It only took me four and a half years of saying "I think I'll join the school newspaper" to actually do it. I have to get bunches of photos now which will necessitate driving to school at weird times. Plus everything conflicts. Why do all the clubs meet at the same time on the same day? We need at least three more days in the week. I suggest Frinesday, Wenterdat, and, uh, Tunderday. Anyway, they all had pizza at the slate meeting but I left early for no apparent reason. I wish I had stayed. Oh well, I'll see them all again on Thursday, which is layout day.

Then I came home and had to go back almost immediately for a meeting. Then I came home again and soon had to go back to TA the Animation 1 class. I wanted to go back early to back my files on to DVD. I got there and the door was locked. No problem. I have my key. I put it in and turn it and, nothing happens. Fantastic. Did they change the locks on me? I sat on the floor until the lab manager, Rob, happened to walk by and opened it for me. I burned some of my stuff and deleted other stuff and got my server space down to 650 MB!!!!!!!!! It was at 3 gigs and I was probably on the server-abuse most wanted list (they must have had a reward if found dead or alive sign up somewhere with my face on it). I'm not sure how I'm going to work on my demo reel with a 700 MB limit, but I'll figure it oot. During class, I tell Paul to try my key in the door and of course it works without incident for him. Then I tried it and nothing. You have to turn it REALLY hard. I'll bring a wrench next time.

Now I'm sitting around doing nothing. I left school early and raced home to see if anyone wanted to go to Croxley Ales but I can't find anybody. I have to genetically engineer a friend who does nothing but hang out with me. And buy me weird and strange beers at Croxley's.

That new portrait I put up makes me look a lot less friendly. I may switch back even though the other one looks really goofy. Maybe I'll change it to one where I'm drunk. Then again, maybe not.

Today's soundtrack was: The Who Sell Out by The Who

Today was brought to you by the letter S, the first letter my finger happened to hit on the keyboard just now.

So that's what its' like to be five cents short of a bag of M&Ms. Story of my life.


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