Saturday, October 30, 2010

Baseline Hobbies Lives!

Hobby shops have been in decline for a while. Not only can you buy many (but not all) things online, the internet itself takes up much of the time that used to go towards hobbies. But good news; one of the hobby shops that I thought was closed actually moved.

Baseline hobbies used to be on Main Street in Mineola. I never really understood the name, they focussed primarily on military model kits (and still do). And, unlike the other, more well known Mineola hobby shop (Willis Hobbies, still going strong) they also sold many old and out of print kits (I assume they bought people collections of unbuilt stuff, something you don't see at Willis).

Baseline is a good place to find 1/35 and 1/72 scale armored vehicles (tanks, afvs and the like) as well as aircraft, paint, glue, books and anything else you might need. The fellow in the shop told me that the previous guy that ran it retired recently (or is retiring soon, I forget which). Amazingly, they are still using a calculator and notebook to keep track of sales (and they do charge tax, as they should). Its good to see they are still in business.

There address is:
250 Little East Neck Rd, West Babylon, NY
(631) 376-0060

Little East Neck Rd is in fact part of Route 109.



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