Thursday, September 02, 2010

Hurricane Earl Preparations: Cherry Picker and Auger Trucks

Lining up on Searingtown Road waiting to turn in to Christopher Morley Park, evidently a staging area. There were a lot of auger trucks, the kind you might need to drill a hole in the ground for a new utility pole. Lots of cherry pickers too. The south parking lot was full of these trucks and there was a solid line of them going all the way down the road to the LIE (495), possibly wrapping onto the LIE service road. Maybe over a hundred trucks in all, quite a spectacle. There were also porta-potties set up in the parking lot visible from the road, I guess these guys are going to be camped out there.

Funny story, I actually camped out at Christopher Morley Park once in the scouts. In the woods, not the parking lot. It was shortly after thanks giving and we had lots of leftovers with us. It was the first time I ever had cheese cake, ate it off the blade of a pocket knife. For no apparent reason our scoutmaster disappeared in the darkness and came back with boxes of pizza. In the morning it started to get a bit windy and rainy. Then more so. Then more so to the point that some park employee drove up in a truck and told us to evacuate. I remember not even taking my tent apart properly but just shoving it in my dads car. Everything was soaking wet, us included.


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