Monday, October 06, 2008

Sunight Solar SL-2 Review

I received a sample of the Sunight Solar SL-2 from Sunight Solar. This thing is pretty good. In fact, its great! I have had sour experiences with alt energy flashlights before. This is the real deal.

The instructions were not great but i was able to figure out how to get the rechargeable batteries in. The batteries are charged by the solar panel on the side of the light. It charges fairly well, even without full sunlight, although I have not really left it on until the batteries run down.

Sunight Solar SL-2

The flashlight has a glow in the dark rim. Its the kind glow in the dark that charges in light. The light has a clip on the end. The clip is pretty thick. I'm not sure of the intended use for the clip, but I don't think it would be great for clipping on to a belt.

Sunight Solar SL-2

The battery slots require a coin or some other flat tool to open. They are made of plastic despite their metallic appearance.

Sunight Solar SL-2

The flashlight has two modes, one for a spot beam and another for more diffuse illumination. Each has three brightness levels. There is one button to control them all, you keep pressing it to go through the modes and brightness levels. Once you turn it on in the first mode and brightness, you have to hit the switch five more time to turn it off.

Its pretty bright for a rechargeable, brighter than many incandescents I've seen in my time. It is fully worth the $39.00 MSRP, you could spend that much on batteries in a year (maybe? I have no idea what that would actually cost, so don't quote me on that). Still, I can see how handy it would be to have one. Sunight also looks (from their website) like they have several charitable distribution programs, so you can feel good supporting a company like this.

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