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Our (hopefully not) Final Trip to The Adventurer's Club

The Balderdash Cup Table Cover

We checked in to the All-Star Movies resort at about midnight. We told the cast memebers at the check-in desk what our plans were and they tipped us off that the Club would be opening an hour earlier the next day.

Waiting on Line`

There was a short line before it opened. It seems as though there were lots of regulars who were recognized and welcomed by the employees. After a few hours, it got really crowded, but not so crowded you couldn't move. The actors were hilarious, they're incredibly talented. They sing dance and ad lib with the patrons and each other without missing a beat

The Bleehall Boys Arrive

There were a number of people with custom t-shirts. Some said Save The Adventurer's Club, others made references to their final trip down to the Club.

When we first went to the bar to get our drinks, one patron said something about always wanting a swim-up bar. Fletcher Hodges then began inquiring with the bar staff if their machines could fill the main salon with water. The bar tender did not seem too amused, but Fletcher assured her it would only be waist-deep.

Samantha picks or picks on an audience member

Samantha sang "Those Were The Days" during one of the library shows.

During (i think) The Balderdash Cup competition, Hathaway Browne was walking up and down the aisle in the library. He rested his hand on my head and continued talking. Then he said to me "By the way sir, you have been saved" and he took is hand off my head.

I can't remember, but this might be the end of the Queen medly that Graves started
Also during a library show, Graves (one of two butlers that night, this one was "Blondie") start a microphone check on two mics on the stage as guests were sitting down. He tapped one twice, then the other twice and went back and fourth. Then there began a mysterious third tap on each mic, not originating from Graves. To this beat Graves broke into a rendition of Queen's We Will Rock You, followed by Bohemian Rhapsody, at which point Pamelia joined him and they did some of the back and fourth parts together. It was awesome.

Emil Jr.
Emil sang "Bessie The Heifer", it was great! Its our new favorite song :)

We missed the Halloween library show, there we so many people we couldn't get in the door. Kirk was letting people in here and there to fill the empty seats. We did get to participate in this show though. At one point Otis was going into the library, and everyone in the salon was told to scream as if we were possessed.

At one point in between library shows, when the main salon was quite crowded, the Colonel came off duty and lead us in a game of "My Bonnie Lies Over The Ocean." We were to squat or stand when ever a word starting with "B" was said. My Bonnie (squat) lies over the ocean, my bonnie (stand) lies of the sea... ...everyone in the salon participated, it was fun.

Otis and a mysterious stranger

There were uniformed security guards in the club, as well as plain-clothes ones and also people who were definitely managerial types. At one point a couple of these folks entered the treasure room and were examining one area of it, it seemed to us as if they thought something might have been stolen.

The letter itself

One of the butlers ("Blade") handed me a letter addressed to Alston Golf. It was great, it made me feel like I really was a member of the club.

The Mysterious Professional Videographer

Mysteriously, there was someone there with a very professional video camera. Might he have been a Disney employee?

I think I remember Samantha also singing "The Happy Wanderer."

Our flight home was delayed coming in, then the air start cart used to fire up the engines broke down, the second start cart broke down and then they had to contact another airline to get a new start cart. Then the stewardess made announcement (I can't tell if she was joking) that the pilot "lost the keys". There was a Jet Blue flight engineer sitting next to us, which is how we know all the details (actaully, there were lots of Jet Blue employees on board). But we got $25 vouchers for having been delayed, so it wasn't all bad. At one point on the ground in Orlando someone made an announcement saying "flight crew prepare for arrival" and there was uproarious laughter from the Jet Blue employee passengers. I hope the crew didn't have to fly anywhere else after that, they seemed a bit punchy.

Adventurers Club Cast that night (which was perfect in every way!):
Fletcher Hodges: Mailman
Otis T. Wren: Lancelot
Samantha Sterling: Annelle
Pamelia Perkins: Yvette
Maid #1: Sugar Snap (I think)
Maid #2: Beulah Belle
Graves #1: Blondie
Graves #2: Blade
Emil Jr.: Simple
Emil Sr.: Chipmunk Cheeks
Hathaway Browne: Snoopy
Madame Zarkov: Viking (I think)

Outgoing links:
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