Monday, September 01, 2008

United Airlines Is Terrible, Long Live Jet Blue

We flew United from LAX to Kona, also from Kona to LAX and LAX to JFK. I will never fly with them again and you shouldn't either. Their economy class is awful. I barely had room to read a book. They need to remove some rows from their 757s. They also have a "red carpet" for their non economy customers. Guess what? I walked on it and there's nothing that they can do about it! I Don't need their carpet anyway, I have my own at home.

But do you want to know why JetBlue really is better? They don't have classes. Every customer gets the same treatment, and that treatment is awesome. They have more passenger space on smaller planes. Their seats are wider! How is that mathematically possible on a smaller plane with the same number of seats in each row? I'll tell you how: JetBlue = Awesome, United = We don't care about our customers unless they shell out several thousand dollars per flight.

JetBlue also has better airport check-in. You have a barcode. No luggage to check? Your check-in takes a minute if that. Have bags, ok, maybe two minutes then (Have experienced this many times at JFK and MCO). United check-in at LAX is terrible. Arrive an extra hour if you're flying United out of a busy airport if you want to be sure that you or your lugage won't miss your flight.

United is divided, classes are the opiate of the masses. I'd rather swim to Hawaii than fly United again.

I am not and never have been an employee of any airline, travel service or travel agent. All logos used in this post fall under the fair use copyright policies of the USA as they are used for commentary and satire purposes.

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