Monday, August 11, 2008

My New Sunglasses

My New Sunglasses, originally uploaded by sakraft1.

These are my new Fossil Sunglasses, they're awesome. If you know me, you know I have sunglasseses issues. They tend to break, crack, get lost or drop on surfaces that are less than sanitary.

For these reasons I don't want sunglasses that cost too much. By the same token, I end up buying sunglasses from the ¢99 store or the drug store that are prone to cracking, falling apart, bending and are awful in terms of optical quality. I have tried some cheap ones that claim to be polarized, but they are not nearly as good as Ellens awesome hyper-reality sunglasses (which are no longer made and cost all of $75).

That's where Fossil comes in, they make these awesome specs, known as "Ben." They have UVA and UVB and they are "for-real" polarized, not like the cracko-cheapo ones I sometimes get with a big "POLARIZED" sticker across one lens. They are at least as good as Ellen's (which she got at sunglass hut way back when). Best of all they were all of $44! That's the most I ever spent on sunglasses, and hopefully, the most I ever will ;)

You can find them on the Fossil website



Anonymous Sheila said...

Great glasses, Scott. You'll be stylin' in Hawaii in those! :-)

9:54 AM  

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