Friday, May 23, 2008

Jarvis sighting

I have spotted another instance of Jarvis! Jarvis is the name of a fictional charcter and proclaimed mascot of American Science and Surplus. I have reason to believe he actually comes from clipart that is in the public domain. He is the image of a flying man with a rotor strapped to his back. AS&S was the first place I saw him. I have also seen him on a Trader Joe's shopping bag. Ever since I discovered that he was probably clipart, I have been searching for the image and its origins. Not much has turned up. I saw him today when someone (The Make blog I believe) posted a link to the Handcar Regatta, wherein the image of whom I call Jarvis appears in some flyers/posters and also next to their RSS feed icon (which is also really cool):

Here he is a bit larger:

If anyone can tell me the origin of this image or where else it might be found, they (perhaps you) would have my enduring gratitude!

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