Saturday, March 01, 2008

Photography site updated

I have updated my photography site. No, there are not any new photos, but the gallery now incorporates fancy lightbox effects. Light boxes are getting to be common these days, there are tons of them freely available for use. I used shadow box, which is pretty nifty and easy to implement. The one thing that was not obvious was how to get one light box to go to another. I figured out that you have to out a gallery name in the rel attribute of each anchor you want to be in the sequence. For example:

<a href="someimage1.gif" rel="shadowbox[galleryname1]">Your link to image 1</ a>
<a href="someimage2.gif" rel="shadowbox[galleryname1]">Your link to image 2</ a>

If you wanted more than one sequence to live on the same page, you would just change galleryname1 to galleryname2 or butterflies or watertowers or what ever you wanted.

Just thought I'd share. I think I like shadowbox better than the boxover popups in my wedding gallery. I'll have to convert them :)

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