Thursday, April 19, 2007

CCAD Women in Animation: Part 3

Links and notes from talk and panel discussion: 10 AM, 4/13/07

An event sponsor in the form of a representative of the local CW affiliate had a Disney trivia quiz with non-Diseny prizes. I won some DVDs.

Ron Saks gave a speech, defining animation as a medium presented in real time but not created in real time. He mentioned Jayne Pilling's A Reader In Animation Studies. I also wrote down these links:


Links and notes from the Welcome Address: 1:30 PM, 4/13/07

For some reason, Ron Saks gave the same speech he had given earlier in the day.


Links and notes from Jayne Pilling: 2 PM, 4/13/07
Gender Issues in and around Animated Films

Films Screened:

Triangle (1994) 8' - Erica Russel
Watch Now!

How Mermaids Breed - Joan Ashworth

Fish Never Sleep - Gaelle Denis
Watch Now!

City Paradise (2004) 6' - Gaelle Denis
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Forever & Forever - Michaela Pavlatova

A Feather Tale - Michèle Cournoyer

The Stain

Second Class Mail - Alison Snowden
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To Have & To Hold - Emily Mantell



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