Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Some Things You Didn't Know About Pirate Clothing

Most pirates didn't wear tri-cornered hats. The wind on a ship at sea would be likely to blow them off, and they were not practical when climbing on the rigging. Pirates wore bandanas to keep the sun off their heads, but they also believed that a tightly tied bandana on the head was a way to keep from getting seasickness.

Pirates often went barefoot on the ship. This gave them a better feel for the movement of the ship and helped them keep their sea-legs. If they did wear footwear, they wore sandals made from rope. Pirates only wore boots when going into battle. They did this to protect their feet from debris on the deck and as a place to store extra daggers.

Red and yellow scarves were used in a lot of pirate movies because they showed up well when new color processes came into use. Lots of burning ships were used in these movies for the same reason.



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