Thursday, July 06, 2006

Disney Cruise - 2006, Part 2

I forgot to mention in the last post: There was a video about the cruise playing on the bus on the way there. It featured Disney characters (cast members in costume, not animated) discovering the ship and having fun. My favorite part was when Goofy ordered room service and then put hot dogs in his room safe.

Anyway, we dropped our carry-on stuff off in our room and explored some more. Here is a shot of the Dale Chihuly sculpture in the atrium of the Wonder:

Glass Sculpture - Dale Chihuly

Then we went to the adults only pool for a while. We got some drinks, and the pool was a little annoying because there was a wading area on all sides before you got to the deeper (more than 6 inches) part. There was no way to go completely in the water and rest a drink on the edge of the pool at the same time. If you put a drink down in the wading area, it would either tip, float, or get pool water in it. So I drank my Corona pretty fast and jumped into the water, which I don't recommend. I immediately got indigestion, so I got back up on to the wading area. After a while, we went in the hot tub. They have some overpowered jets in those hot tubs! It was fun.

We walked around some more until it was time to report to our muster station (with our life jackets) in the Animator's Palette (one of several restaurants on the ship). They went over what to do in an emergency. For some reason, I don't think we would go to a restaurant in the interior of the ship if it starting sinking, but what to I know...

Dr. Strangelove
Mr. Big Stuff

Then there was some more walking around time before the ship pulled out. At some point, our bags had gotten to our room so we unpacked them. There was a little deck party before we pulled out to sea. Ellen and I were hungry, so we got some chicken fingers from Pluto's on deck 9. I must say that I love the idea of instant free food whenever the mood strikes me. As we finished eating, we noticed the ship was starting to move slowly. Here are some more walking around photos (click them to see them larger):

The real stack
Sheeleresque - Antenna
Sheeleresque - Valves
Goofy cuts a rug

I'll post some more later, including some our stateroom decor. I have to get ready to go to work now, unfortunately.

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